I’m so thankful to Dr. Davis for suggesting that I participate in a sleep study. I was embarrassed to admit that I snored, but I was desperate for a solution. I was honestly very surprised to learn that I suffered from sleep apnea. How could I stop breathing at night and not be aware?!? I always thought I was sleeping well, but it turns out my quality of sleep was terrible and that’s why I was exhausted all the time. After just a few days of using my CPAP, I was amazed! I was able to make it through a full day of activity without desperately needing a nap, and my mood had improved. I had always imagined a CPAP as being loud and invasive, but I barely even notice I’m wearing it. Now, the snoring is not an issue for my family, and I feel so much better knowing that I’m improving my overall health!

-C. McLean


     I was having extreme jaw pain on my left side. I cam to Elite Dentistry for help and they completely took away the pain that I was having for months. After a bite adjustment and a short prescription for muscle relaxers, I was back to my old self. Thank you, Elite Dentistry.

-C. Brasher

     I’m a big baby when it comes to seeing a dentist, but Dr. Davis and the staff have made my visits as pleasant as possible. I will definitely be using your office for all my dental work.

     We can see why your practice is growing in the right direction. The friendly atmosphere makes it almost a pleasure to go to the dentist!!!

     Thanks so much for the toothpaste and toothbrushes for Oak Mountain Mission. I delivered your donation to the mission today. I always recommend your office to friends.

     Love Dr. Davis and ladies in the office. We did not have appointments but were worked in during spring break which was great for us. Even had several teeth pulled. Only wish that Dr. Davis had helped the tooth fairy out….because it was a BIG payoff because of the big tooth that was pulled. 🙂 Thank you!

     My visits to your office have always been exceptional regarding relationships, professionalism and quality of services and procedures. I was particularly impressed with the high level dental technology employed in my care yesterday.

     Thanks for taking me on the day I called. I was told all my options and they did a root canal the same day. I was given first class service. Thanks for everything.