Same Day Crowns

Dental crowns are one of the most common and successful restorative dental solutions in the world. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that the design and process to receive crowns cannot be improved.

Single day crowns, also sometimes referred to as same day crowns, are one of the latest dental innovations that make it possible to restore a broken or damaged tooth with a custom-designed, purpose-milled crown in just one day.

What are single day crowns?

Single day crowns are just like conventional crowns in their design. Each tooth-shaped, custom-designed cap fits perfectly over your affected tooth, encasing it inside. The only difference is that unlike conventional crowns, which require at least two visits to your dentist’s office to have them created and placed, the entire process can be done the very same day!

Single day crowns are made from porcelain. This can be glazed in a color that is virtually identical to your existing teeth, ensuring that your crown will blend in seamlessly with your other teeth, making it entirely discreet. There is no compromise on either the quality of the crown, nor the design. Once in place, your single day crown will restore the shape, size, and strength of your original tooth so that it is both functional and attractive.

What issues can a single day crown help to resolve?

A single day crown can be used to address all of the same problems that a conventional crown can. This includes a tooth that is:

  • Badly eroded

  • Cracked

  • Chipped

  • Excessively decayed

  • Misshapen

  • Badly stained or discolored

How are single day crowns possible?

Single day crowns are now possible thanks to technology which can take images of your affected tooth and use them to design and mill your custom-designed crown on our site while you wait. A small, 3D camera is inserted into your mouth to take high-resolution images of your affected tooth. This is captured in just a few seconds, making the process extremely quick. It also eliminates the needs for messy putty-based impressions. The images are much more accurate than the impressions and this enables your crown to be milled more precisely so that it is a better fit. Once the images have been collected, they are used to create the design of your crown using cutting edge CAD (computer-aided design) technology. The design is then electronically transmitted to the mill where CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) is used to create it whilst you wait.

Advantages of Single-visit Crowns

Traditionally, crowns take a minimum of two appointments to complete. Some patients have even required more than those two visits. Single-visit crowns save time by allowing your dentist to complete the entire process in a single visit with no subsequent appointments. This also reduces the time it requires for you to travel to the office, schedule appointments, and reduces the potential for additional
recovery time.

Single-visit crowns are also designed, milled, and installed on the same day. This allows your dentist to become familiar with your case a single time and work through the process quickly and efficiently. Completing this process in a single day also reduces the time and cost required with shipping a crown to another location to be milled by a third party.

No messy impressions: Some patients absolutely hate the putty used in dental impressions and cannot tolerate the texture or taste. However, with the technology used to create single day crowns, the process can be carried out simply by placing a small device containing a camera lens into your mouth for a few moments.

No need for a temporary crown. Temporary crowns are just that – temporary. Therefore, they aren’t as secure as your permanent crown will be, and you may have to be extra careful that it doesn’t come out. If you choose a single day crown, your restoration will be permanent the same day.

High-quality dental restoration: The superior accuracy of the images collected by the camera means that your new crown can be designed with absolute precision. This will ensure it is the perfect size, shape, and color to match your existing teeth.

Single-visit Crown Maintenance

Research has found that the single most important factor in maintaining your dental crown or crowns is through proper oral care and routine maintenance. This includes regular brushing, flossing, and your regular dental appointments.

This routine care can help to eliminate any issues from coming up later, and your regular dental appointments can help identify problems when they are easier to correct. If you do happen to notice any issues with your crown before your appointment, it is important to schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible.

Learn More About Same Day Crowns at Elite Dentistry

The cumbersome process of receiving a crown has now been reduced to just a single office visit. Single- visit crowns are possible because of advances in technology and the availability of tools at your dentist’s local office. Being able to fit and construct a crown in a single visit offers great benefits to the patient and the establishment. If you are considering a crown, contact our Chelsea, AL dentist today to review your options at .