Benefits of Zoom Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the most popular and requested cosmetic dentistry service in the world, with studies estimating that around 37 million Americans attempted some form of teeth whitening in 2020. While there are many different over-the-counter products that claim to be able to whiten teeth, professional teeth whitening has been proven to deliver the best, most consistent results, helping patients to achieve a smile that is considerably whiter, brighter, and more attractive.


There are different types of professional teeth whitening, but one of the most popular is Zoom teeth whitening. This in-office treatment involves the careful application of peroxide to the enamel of your teeth by your dentist. The entire treatment is undertaken on your behalf so that you can relax while your smile whitens.


Here are some of the main reasons why patients love to choose Zoom teeth whitening to help them achieve a brighter, whiter and younger smile.


Zoom teeth whitening is simple

Patients love the simplicity of Zoom teeth whitening, which involves a comfortable appointment at our office that can be performed in little more than a lunch break. After giving your teeth a thorough clean (which helps ensure consistent results across your smile), Zoom whitening varnish will be painted onto the teeth, and a special light applied to your teeth activates the ingredients so that stain molecules are broken down. The complete procedure takes less than an hour, with the whitening gel remaining in place for approximately 15 minutes.


It’s great for sensitive teeth

Sensitivity is a big problem for people who want to undergo teeth whitening. This is because most patients with dental sensitivity can find that their teeth are painful, even after the whitening procedure is complete. However, Zoom whitening ingredients are specially formulated not to irritate teeth and gums, making them suitable for even the most sensitive teeth. Special protection will be put in place to shield your cheeks, lips and gums, and we may also be able to give you some local anesthetic to keep you comfortable during the procedure too.


Consistent and long-lasting results

The biggest benefit of in-office teeth whitening is that the treatment is carried out by trained and experienced professionals. Your Zoom whitening dentist will clean your teeth ahead of your treatment, protect the soft tissues of your mouth and be able to apply the whitening gel with accuracy and care, ensuring consistent results across your whole smile. Professional tooth whitening also ensures the longest-lasting results too, and with care and consideration, along with top-up at-home whitening, it’s possible to maintain your results indefinitely.


Up to eight shades whiter

Zoom teeth whitening delivers some of the most effective results of any whitening system after just one session. In fact, you can expect to improve your tooth color by as many as eight shades in just an hour. And if this isn’t enough, you may be able to return for a second treatment to get your smile even brighter.



If you would like to find out more about Zoom teeth whitening or to schedule a consultation to see if you are a suitable candidate for this treatment, call Elite Dentistry & Implant Center in Chelsea, Alabama at 205-224-0040.