Can I Drink Coffee or Wine After Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening can be an expensive cosmetic procedure that entails lightening the color of your teeth, leaving you with a bright smile. Teeth often lose their color over time as people grow older. Use of drinks such as coffee, red wine, tea, black currant, and smoking stain the teeth. Other causes of teeth losing their color are cracks in teeth that carry food residue and tartar, among others.


Tooth whitening involves using hydrogen peroxide, a whitening product that fastens the bleaching process. It gets to the tooth's enamel and makes the tooth lighter. The process takes roughly three to four weeks with 30 minutes home applications.


You should not consume dark-colored drinks like coffee or wine within the first 48 hours because of the nature of the procedure.


Coffee Staining


The tooth whitening process makes the teeth susceptible to staining, so please avoid coffee. Coffee has tannin, a plant compound responsible for the bitter flavor of coffee. Tannin acid is responsible for many things, and when it accumulates on the enamel, it causes discoloration.


But just because you should avoid drinking coffee does not mean you cannot enjoy other drinks such as tea. Giving them limited time with the teeth is the key to having any of these beverages. The shorter the time, the lower the chances of staining.


Red Wine Staining


Another one of life's simple pleasures is wine. Even though it has many benefits for the body, red wine magnifies tooth staining. Wine, just like coffee, has tannin and other chemical components responsible for tooth staining. Like coffee, many things can help avoid tooth staining while still enjoying this drink.


Choosing other alternatives like white wine will reduce tooth staining. But even though these drinks are notorious for tooth staining, there are a few tips that will keep you drinking and maintaining that beautiful white smile.


Tips for Maintaining White Teeth


  • Choose a lightly colored alternative - Alternatives like white wine or rose and herbal teas would be good. If you must, use these during the first 48 hours of treatment.

  • Use a straw - If you cannot avoid drinking any of these drinks, using straws limits the amount of enamel exposure. Straws will also reduce the chances of tooth staining.

  • Drinking water - Drink water immediately after drinking red wine or coffee. Doing this will wash down the chemical components responsible for staining.

  • Lightly brushing teeth after drinking also helps.

  • Going for deep teeth cleaning twice a year is a good way to maintain their color.

  • Teeth whitening maintenance sessions - Teeth whitening lasts an average of three years. Going for regular tooth whitening maintenance sessions is essential to keep the white smile for longer.


It is crucial to avoid the activities that lead to teeth discoloration, like smoking, eating dark berries, coffee, and red wine.


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