Oral Hygiene Facts for National Children’s Dental Health Month

In February, the National Children’s Dental Health Month gets celebrated all over the world. This month, pediatric dental staff campaign on the importance of general dental hygiene. It is quite a remarkable job, given that so many children get dental health issues from the early stages.


Here are some facts for National Children’s Dental Health Month that you can learn.


The Importance of Dental Visits


Most parents ask when they should take their children to see a dentist. Well, as early as possible. Most children begin to get tooth decay as early as five years. That might be due to eating too much candy or generally poor oral hygiene.


It is important that you take your child to the dentist even as soon as they start having their first teeth. At this point, the dentist can check their teeth as they grow and recommend the best dental hygiene tips.


The Importance of Protecting Teeth


Baby teeth are very important since they affect how a child chews and smiles. They can stay in your child’s mouth for about eight to 10 years before the permanent teeth start growing. During this time, plaque and tartar may build up on the gums and teeth. If your child’s teeth have bacteria, it may enter the bloodstream, causing serious damage.


It is important for your child to brush their teeth every day as well as incorporate flossing. One of the most worrying health risks in children under the age of one is tooth decay. Tooth decay can occur due to consuming sugary things, leading to acid production.


You can also consult your dentist to get the best solution for your child’s teeth.


Use Fluoride to Prevent Cavities


Fluoride is one of the most effective ways to prevent cavities. While some people cannot get fluoride from their tap water, it is best to use water treated with fluoride. But, you can also buy fluoride toothpaste for your children. You can as well ask your dentist to prescribe fluoride treatments for your child.


The Benefits of Preventative Dental Care


Dental care for children may seem quite costly, especially if they have to visit the doctor regularly. However, it is way cheaper and better compared to allowing your children to grow with poor dental health. In the long run, you might end up spending much more money since the dental issues may worsen to become serious dental diseases.


Talk to your dentist to know the number of times your child should go for a checkup. Even so, you can take them for at least two dental checkups in a year. Save your child’s future health by following your dentist’s recommendations. At Elite Dentistry & Implant Center, we are a family dentistry with amazing and qualified dentists to give your child the best dental care. We provide a friendly atmosphere for your child to feel protected.


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