The Dangers of DIY Teeth Whitening Methods

Having a beautiful white smile is every person’s desire. However, the natural aging process and lifestyle habits always make it impossible to keep the teeth looking white. Over time, teeth start to look discolored even with the best oral hygiene routine. Teeth whitening can help remove stains and create a white smile. There are various teeth whitening methods, both professional and DIY. 


Home Teeth Whitening 


Many people who want to brighten their teeth choose DIY whitening methods. The options range from whitening strips to hydrogen peroxide, bicarbonate, charcoal, and lemon solutions. People mainly use home remedies, or DIY products, because of the cost. 

However, it usually takes weeks or months to see results from the products. While some whitening kits may be safe, the results are often unsatisfactory. The one-size-fits-all approach does not usually produce the desired results. In many cases, the remedies are ineffective and can be harmful. 


Causing Gum Sensitivity


DIY teeth whitening products can cause gum irritation without providing the desired effects. The ingredients in the solutions can be too strong, harming the sensitive gum tissue. Many people who use DIY products report an increase in sensitive gums. 

Cheap products often contain more than the recommended amount of hydrogen peroxide. Some whitening kits contain chlorine, an acid that can eat away at the gums and skin tissue. 


Destroying Tooth Enamel


DIY whitening methods can destroy tooth enamel. It is the protective outer layer that keeps the teeth healthy. High acid levels can erode the enamel, exposing the sensitive inner layers. It can lead to teeth sensitivity while increasing the risk of decay. 

Many people require dental intervention as a result of unsuccessful DIY whitening. When whitening teeth, dentists take care to protect the gums and enamel. 


Damaging Effects of Acid


DIY teeth whitening methods that contain hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice are highly acidic. The liquids function as activators, and unfortunately, they can cause long-term damage. The whitening effect comes at a high cost of damage to the enamel. 

The harsh chemicals in whitening strips can have the same effects. Over time, the individual should invest in costly dental treatments to reverse the damage. If you have existing cavities, the acid can cause extensive tooth damage. 


Risk of Shrinking Gums


Studies have shown that OTC ultraviolet kits can have severe side effects. They can cause gum shrinking, nerve damage, and toothaches. They can increase the risk of developing oral infections. 

They can also irritate the skin around the mouth and damage other oral tissues. UV radiation treatment should be avoided by anyone without relevant training. It can lead to severe long-term health consequences. 

You should consult with your dentist if you wish to whiten your teeth. Those with experience in dental matters know the best way to treat discoloration. Professional whitening is safe and effective. Dentists develop a treatment plan to suit the patient’s dental needs. The results last a long time, making it cost-effective. 

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