Tips to Preserve the Results of Professional Teeth Whitening

Nothing compares to the results of professional teeth whitening done by a qualified dental professional. They can restore your teeth to their natural color. Having whiter teeth can be a big confidence boost — yellowing and stained teeth are hard to hide. There are a lot of over-the-counter teeth whitening products. For many, these products produce limited and discouraging results.


The process of in-office teeth whitening is simple but requires some precision. Dental professionals will take note of the current teeth color, then polish and use precision to whiten them, taking care not to damage the gums.


Avoid These Foods


After spending the time and money on such important self-care, it’s a shame that many people undo their teeth whitening by immediately going back to consuming highly acidic foods. Acidic foods can damage the enamel of the tooth and make them more susceptible to absorbing staining foods. Coffee and tea can instantly stain whitened teeth.


In an ideal world, it would be easy for people to stay away from damaging foods. But dental professionals know that’s easier said than done. For the first couple of days after whitening, do avoid those foods completely. After that, using a straw with teeth-staining beverages can protect whitened teeth.


Brush Your Teeth


This may seem like a no-brainer for some, but brushing properly twice a day will help professional teeth whitening last longer. People should begin or continue good dental hygiene and floss once or twice a day.


Many dental professionals also recommend that people consider using a mouthwash at least once a day. People can also switch to whitening toothpaste, which will help prevent new stains.


Regular Dentist Visits


Keeping up with regular dental visits is like maintaining a car. Regular checkups are key to long-term success. A teeth cleaning by a dental professional will help keep damaging plaque away. The dental professional will also monitor for any signs of disease or decay.


Every person’s teeth are different. Individual lifestyle also plays a role. So, some people need regular teeth whitening touch-ups every six months to one year. Some people already have or develop tooth sensitivity. They may not be able to get their teeth to their desired shade. The dentist will discuss the available options and how to care for sensitive teeth while still achieving some whitening.


Maintain Your Investment


Other things that can stain whitened teeth include drinking alcoholic beverages, especially red wines, and smoking. Attempting an at-home whitening kit can damage or even burn the gums, causing discomfort. Patients who have certain types of bonding or porcelain crowns won’t be able to whiten those with a normal teeth-whitening treatment.


For many people, professional teeth whitening leads to dramatic results. Teeth whitening can restore your confidence and increase smiles. With simple maintenance, you can keep your whiter smile for a long time. To get your confidence back, call Elite Dentistry & Implant Center in Chelsea, Alabama, at (205) 224-0040 to book your appointment today.