What Are Signs of Poor Oral Health and Hygiene?

Oral health is so much more than brushing your teeth. You need to maintain a balanced diet, avoid smoking, and visit your dentist. Poor dental health can have a serious impact on your health if you fail to maintain good oral hygiene.


Poor dental hygiene manifests itself in various forms. Some of the signs of poor oral health include:


Tooth Pain


If you experience tooth pain, do not assume it. There is a probability that the pain may worsen no matter how many times you brush your teeth. In most cases, tooth pain results from tooth decay, a broken tooth, or teeth infection.


Tooth Sensitivity


In most cases, tooth decay is painless. Thus, it might be hard to tell if you have tooth decay, but you can tell by your teeth’s sensitivity. If your teeth become sensitive to hot or cold food or beverage all of a sudden, then there is a problem.


The acids in your mouth could be eroding your outer teeth, exposing the pulp and dentine irritants.


You should visit your dentist if you experience tooth sensitivity. If there is no cavity in the tooth, your doctor can prescribe fluoride dental treatments. However, if a crack causes the sensitivity, then the dentist can restore the tooth.


Dry Mouth


A dry mouth can occur if there is not enough saliva in your mouth, which can hasten tooth decay. You should stay hydrated to encourage saliva production. Note that dry mouth can be due to using various medications. So, it is worth requesting alternative drugs from your doctor.


Bleeding Gums


Swollen or bleeding gums might be a sign that you have a problem with your dental hygiene. Bleeding gums can lead to gum disease if not treated early. Also, it could make your teeth unstable and loose, causing them to fall off.


Bad Breath


Bad breath can be quite embarrassing and uncomfortable. If you have bad breath, there is a chance that bacteria in your mouth may be causing gum disease and tooth decay. It is a sign that you need to improve your oral health by regularly brushing your teeth.


If bad breath comes with bleeding gums or tooth pain, you should seek dental care. Sometimes, bad breath may not be the result of poor oral hygiene, and that is why if it persists, you should visit a doctor.


Tooth Discoloration


Tooth discoloration is often the final stage of tooth decay. It is not easy to notice a discolored tooth, but if you compare it to the rest of the teeth, you can notice a difference. Furthermore, the discoloration might come with pain or tooth looseness.


If you have any of the above signs, you should contact a reliable dentist to guide you on better dental hygiene. Elite Dentistry & Implant Center in Chelsea, Alabama, is a family dentistry that offers high-quality dental care in a friendly atmosphere.


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