What to Expect From Single-Day Crowns

Single-day crowns are one of the latest developments in dental care. Courtesy of science and technology advancement, you can now walk into a dental clinic and come out with a crown installed. You only need one appointment, unlike the traditional crown treatments that need several visits to complete a crown restoration.



How Is It Done?


When you settle on single-day crowns for your teeth, you set up an appointment with your dentist. During your visit, using an intraoral camera, he or she takes images of your teeth. With a computer-aided design program, the dentist uses the pictures taken to create a 3D image of your damaged tooth. Once the image is set, the dentist uses a CEREC machine to create your crown. All this is done while you wait in the office.


When the crown is ready, the dentist bonds the new crown. This entire process only takes one hour. As such, if you are looking for convenience, same-day crowns are the way to go.



Advantages of Single-Day Crowns


1. It Is a Simple and Safe Procedure


As described above, the process of getting same-day crowns is easy and simple. In only one hour, you get a solution for your crown problem.


2. It Doesn’t Involve Messy Impressions


The dentist takes an impression of your mouth digitally without using the molds and trays used in the traditional method. Traditional molds are prone to errors, leading to creating a crown design that may need several adjustments to fit properly.


3. You Avoid the Inconveniences of Wearing Temporary Teeth


After the dentist takes an impression of your teeth, you have to wait for weeks before your traditional crown is ready. In the meantime, you wear a temporary tooth. Unfortunately, the period you have to wear your crown is indefinite. Sometimes, you may have to wear the temporary tooth for longer if the crown produced did not fit properly. In contrast, the images used to create same-day crowns are accurate. The crowns rarely need any adjustments. And if changes are needed, the dentist performs them right there in his office. You do not have to wear the temporary tooth.


Also, since you do not wear temporary crowns, you reduce your chances of having decay in the future. The process of getting traditional crowns risks decay because most temporary crowns don’t fit properly. With improper fitting, bacteria can easily get into the tooth space, increasing the chances of infection.


Temporary crowns may also be uncomfortable because they are made from resin. But, same-day crowns fit perfectly and are comfortable on your gum since they are made from ceramic.


You stand to enjoy more benefits from having same-day crowns than with traditional crowns.


4. Saves You Time


Same-day crowns are designed and placed on the same day, unlike the traditional crowns that take weeks to be installed. This saves you and the dentist the time several appointments would take under the traditional method.


5. Saves You Money


The traditional method of fabricating a crown can be costly, and most people cannot afford it. But, same-day crowns are less expensive, making it easy for more people to fix their crowns.


If you are thinking of taking up single-day crowns to fix your teeth or want more information about the procedure, set up an appointment with us. Visit Elite Dentistry & Implant Center in Chelsea, Alabama, or call 205-224-0040. We pride ourselves in providing excellent dental services for your entire family.