What You Should Know About Single Day Crowns

Are you worried that you have to schedule multiple dental visits and perhaps wait weeks to receive your dental crown? If your schedule is always packed with various activities, the thought of saving some time for several dentist visits to receive your crown may feel unsettling.

Thankfully, single-day crowns use advanced technology to give you another option. As the name suggests, 'single day' crowns only take one visit to the dentist, thus saving you precious time. Here are facts about single-day crowns you should know.


The Procedure Only Lasts Two Hours

The process takes only about two hours, and this ease does not come at the expense of quality. Single-day dental crowns use the same durable porcelain as traditional dental crowns. The only difference between the two dental crowns is the time it takes to put the crown.


No Need for Temporary Crown

The traditional crown placement method puts a temporary crown for a patient until the permanent crown is ready. Because a temporary crown uses a weak material, the crowns tend to fit imperfectly or fall out. A patient may have trouble chewing and avoid certain hard or sticky foods because of the temporary crown.

Worse, a patient may have to bear this for a couple of weeks until the permanent crown is ready for use. With single-day crowns, you can avoid dealing with temporary crowns because you can receive your permanent crowns in one day.


Single-day Crowns Are Made With Precision

Thanks to the computer-aided crown placing systems used by dentists these days, the crowns are designed meticulously.  Single-day crowns are also made from high-quality porcelain that does not wear away easily.

The porcelain used resembles your natural enamel. It has the appropriate thickness and shape to ensure it fits flawlessly with your bite. The precision in designing the crown also ensures that the newly placed crown does not put excess pressure on the teeth close to it.


Single-day Crowns Have Their Limits

Same-day crowns are not perfect for everybody in all situations. Just like any other dental procedure, dental crowns have their limits. Your dentist can mill only one crown at a time. Therefore, it is better to get lab-created crowns if you are receiving multiple crowns simultaneously.

Also, you need to have healthy gums before you can get single-day crowns. If you have gum disease, you will need to receive treatment before getting any dental crown – whether traditional or single-day crown.


Single-day Crowns Need the Same Dental Care As Traditional Crowns

Well, this does not imply adding more steps to your dental hygiene practice. However, it does require a dedicated tooth cleaning routine similar to the level of care for natural teeth and traditional crowns.

Even with dental crowns, your teeth are still vulnerable to gum disease. Thus, you should guard your oral health by brushing your teeth regularly, using mouthwash, and flossing. Moreover, you should visit your dentist often.

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