Why Might I Need a Dental Filling?

Dental or tooth fillings have been around for many years. These well-designed dental health supports have helped many people keep their teeth intact and healthy. Dental fillings do more than just fill the space left behind after a cavity is removed. They also help keep teeth from decaying and developing infections from decay.

Although failing cavities is certainly the major cause for tooth filling, there are more causes worth observing.


What Is a Dental Filling?

Dental fillings are treatments that restore broken, damaged, or decayed teeth back to their normal shape and function. The materials used for dental filling can be porcelain, gold, silver amalgam (mercury blended with silver, copper, tin, and zinc), or tooth-colored glass and plastic materials called composite resins.

Your dentist will help determine the most suitable type of dental filling for you. This will depend on the level of tooth decay or damage, any allergies to materials used for filling, and the site of the cavity, among other considerations.


Signs You Need a Dental Filling

The only way to know for sure whether you need a tooth filling is by talking to your dentist. A dental exam by your dentist will tell which teeth have issues that need urgent attention.

But if you are wondering whether you need a tooth filling, here are some signs that can alert you to the odds that you have cavities that need filling.


Tooth Pain

Mild, sharp, throbbing, severe, or any other kind of pain in your tooth is usually the most common indication you need a dental filling. This includes sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, sugary foods, or pressure.

Likewise, if you feel pulsating pain when biting or chewing, you could be needing a dental filling.


A Noticeable Hole or Mark on Your Tooth

If you can see a dark spot on your tooth or feel a hole in your tooth, you may need a tooth filling. Similarly, if food gets trapped between certain teeth or if you have a chipped, rough, or cracked tooth, or a lost filling, your dentist may recommend a dental filling.


Worn Out Teeth

Teeth wear out as people age. As they wear out, the flat biting surfaces become darker and make teeth look unappealing.

Teeth can also wear out as a result of teeth grinding or bruxism that causes fracturing and further tooth damage. Your dentist can restore your biting surfaces and improve your ability to bite and chew using tooth fillings.


Discolored Teeth

Your dentist may suggest filling teeth that have become stained and discolored from years of taking sodas, candy, coffee, wine, and other vinegary foods and drinks.


Crazed Teeth

Sometimes, vertical lines can form on your teeth. These lines are usually cracks (crazes) in the enamel brought about by putting pressure on the tooth.

That pressure can come from a lifetime of chewing or from actions like biting your fingernails, grinding, and clenching your teeth, or from temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. Fortunately, your dentist can use tooth-filling to restore your teeth.

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