Why Would I Need a Dental Crown?

Over time, your teeth can become damaged. A variety of reasons can cause this, from injuries to decay or normal wear and tear. This damage may see your teeth decrease in size or lose shape. 

Crowns are caps shaped like teeth to cover damaged teeth like hats. They help restore the size, shape, strength, and appearance of the teeth. While they cover your teeth, the dentist cements them in place. 

When Do You Need a Dental Crown?

  • When you have a weakened tooth resulting from decay or injury. A crown can help hold a tooth together.

  • If you have an overly worn-out or broken tooth.

  • If you have a tooth with a large filling and there is not enough tooth left.

  • If you have a dental implant, a crown can cover it.

  • If you want cosmetic modification on your smile

  • If you have a dental bridge, a crown can hold it in place.

  • If you have discolored or misshapen teeth, dental crowns can cover them.

What Are the Available Types of Crowns?

Dentists can make dental crowns from metal like alloys or gold, resin, and porcelain fused to metal, stainless steel, or ceramic material. The different types of material can serve different purposes.

Stainless Steel Crowns

These crowns are prefabricated and used on permanent teeth. They are a temporary measure. They protect the teeth or the filling of teeth while the dentist prepares another crown. 

A stainless steel crown fits children’s teeth. It fits over a primary tooth that is well prepared for it. It covers the whole tooth and shields it from decay. The crown will naturally come out with the primary tooth when it makes room for a permanent tooth. 

Metal Crowns

Most often, metals used in the crowns are alloys of platinum or gold. They could also be made from cobalt-chromium or nickel-chromium, either of which is a base metal alloy. Metal crowns can withstand the wear and tear that comes with chewing. Of all the crowns, they probably last the longest. They are an excellent pick for molars at the back of your mouth.

Porcelain-fused-to-metal Crowns

Dentists make these crowns to match your teeth. But the opposing teeth wear out more with these crowns compared to resin or metal crowns. The porcelain part of the crown can also chip. These crowns look like natural teeth. They are an excellent pick for long bridges or front teeth because the metal provides strength.

Resin Crowns

These crowns are the cheapest. However, they wear down more quickly than other crowns. They also fracture much more easily.

All-ceramic or All-porcelain Crowns

These crowns match the color of natural teeth the most. For people with allergies to metals, these are the best option. Dentists can use them for both the back and front teeth.

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